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It starts and ends with us.

The time has come for nurse-on-nurse advocacy. If we stand together and show up for each other, we can end lateral violence once and for all.


Make a difference one shift at a time.

Join thousands of nurses across the country who are saying "not on my shift" and pledge to be the change we want to see.
“How?” you say? We’re so glad you asked:

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Be mindful that nurses learn from other nurses.

There will always be nurses with less experience than you, and we're ALL responsible for the proficiency of those who come up after us. Our collective skills are crafted by each other. Always remember, it was another nurse who taught you how to carry the torch by the handle before you grabbed it by the flame.

Will you take advantage of having the privilege to teach another nurse what someone once taught you?

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Find ways to promote opportunity and be an ally.

The five levels of nursing proficiency are a steep climb. Without experience under trusted supervision, we can never realize our full potential. Would you ever have learned how to operate the Level I infuser if that one nurse hadn't called you over to help?

Will you elevate other nurses and encourage them to up their level of care through new experiences?

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Advocate for fellow nurses as if they were your patients.

We crusade for our patient's right to have a voice, and are the last line of defense for their safety. Why then, do we allow our fellow nurses to exist in fear shift after shift? When we abandon each other, are we truly honoring our original pledge to do all in our power to maintain and elevate the standard of our profession?

Will you protect the well-being of a fellow nurse?

Do you work with someone who lives the pledge every single shift? We call them ‘hard-stick heroes’ and they deserve a medal.


Spot The Nurse-bullies.

Real talk? All nurses contribute to lateral violence in some way, shape, or form. We accept that bullying is how we teach each other and in turn become bullies ourselves. Our favorite Nurse-bullies need no introduction.


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Susan has been a nurse for 32 years and has truly seen it all. She isn't here to make friends with you while in the trenches, she has already made them. Susan wants to come to work, help her patients, and go home.

Susan makes it clear that she does not need any input from you, at all. Especially during that brutal med code when the patient was quickly crashing. Susan doesn't have time to answer any of your questions. Instead, she yelled at you during the 10th med code of the day and told you to leave the room. You are certain Susan hates you.

Remind Susan how important her support is to other nurses, with a Bully-gram >>

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When Patrick is charge nurse, the department functions efficiently because he has been around the block. Patrick frequently approaches you about your charting. Without explanation, he alters your assessments if they don't run in line with the flow of the department.

Patrick constantly puts you in the same hectic but "stable" assignments, justifying that you don't receive more complex patients because "you aren't ready.” When you feel like you're drowning, Patrick provides little support and instead criticizes your nursing skills. He often escalates solvable issues to management without warning. Patrick makes you feel like you are insignificant.

Snap Patrick out of his funk with a Bully-gram >>

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Renee is one of the most well-known nurses in your department. Widely loved by all of her patients, Renee is a good nurse to have in the room when shit hits the fan. She is loud, outspoken, and not afraid to publicly humiliate you in front of staff.

She will never forget the one time you made a mistake, and speaks openly about it to others. She is constantly questioning your assessments in front of other staff as a way of exploiting you. Renee will not hesitate to bark orders at you in a crisis, and often asks that you not participate if you aren't being helpful. When you are helpful, she will tell you how she would have done things differently. Because of Renee, you dread coming in for your shift.

Tell Renee this is not okay with a Bully-gram >>

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Yolanda is a dedicated nurse who has worked at your hospital her entire career. She has formed strong allies within your department. You have been warned not to get on Yolanda’s “bad side.” During a shift, you start to notice that Yolanda is ignoring you completely.

It becomes clear that other nurses are suddenly dismissing your presence. Just when you think you're imagining things, you overhear Yolanda whispering to neighboring nurses about you, within earshot. Did something happen between you and Yolanda? You can’t be sure, but she is making it very clear which "side" you are on.

Break through to Yolanda with a Bully-gram >>